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Phoenix Drake. Production Div. DA/SA

Phoenix Drake. Production Div. DA/SA

kr 56 000,00Price

Available in: "All Black" - "All Stainless" - "Duotone". Caliber 9 X 19 mm. DA/SA w. manual,ambi. safety.Includes: Pistol case, manual, four magazines , and cleaning kit.

Phoenix Drake Production Div. comes with exchangable aluminum sideplates - and the new and revolutionary mounting system for iron sigths and optics.


Switch from irons to optics in less than a minute without losing zero.


Tight tolerances keeps sightbases firmly in place. Requires only the removal of one screw to change sights.


The trigger pull on the Drake is perfect for both Dynamic style shooting as well as traditional shooting sports. It is very crisp and with very little overtravel (adjustable). Trigger breaks smoothly which minimizes sight picture disturbance.

Trigger pull is 1550 gr. when measured at the middle of the trigger (which is where it is supposed to be measured for Bullseye and Field shooting). 

The Drake Production comes with the "Angled Trigger, placing the trigger finger in the optimal position for a smooth DA  trigger pull. Once the trigger is in SA mode, the trigger finger naturally contacts the lower, flat part of the trigger, reducing the trigger pull to about 1100 gr.

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