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Infinity Firearms. Where true custom is born.

Why should you buy an Infinity pistol? The answer is primarily that you’ll simply get a better tool for the job at hand.

We have worked closely with SVI since 1999 as distributors and as competition shooters. We know these pistols well.

First of all; These pistols are extremely accurate (provided you use ammo of good quality, as with all firearms). Reliability is excellent and so is durability. Due to careful fitting of the barrel (most 1911s do not have a fitted barrel) barrel unlocking is delayed. This delay greatly reduces slide velocity and therefore felt recoil. This factor is vastly underrated and needs to be experienced to be believed.

Well fitted parts are also a major factor when it comes to durability and we see pistols that are still both reliable and accurate, in spite of having fired huge numbers of full factor ammunition.

Secondly; all pistols are built to the customer’s specifications and preferences. This includes grip size, grip texture, sights, safeties etc. SVI Infinity also offer a large variety of cosmetic options when ordering a pistol. That gives the competitor the ability to design the pistol completely according to her or his needs and taste.


All pistols will also be engraved with personalized serial nos.

We shall try our best to have SVI pistols in stock for immediately delivery, but many customers will choose to have their pistols custom built according to their specifications. This can be done by logging onto SVI Gunbuilder, follow the instructions and then build your own custom pistol. You can then submit the design number and request a quote, which you will receive from FMP Products within a few days. Delivery time may vary, but expect 6 months or more.

Link to Gunbuilder:

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