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Superior quality pistols built with swiss technology and swiss craftmanship. By shooters – for shooters.

All pistols are specifically built to be superior “racing machines” for IPSC competition, but are equally able to compete in more traditional shooting sports. 

All pistols are IPSC Standard and Production Division approved.

In addition to the items below, FMP Products can also assist with any other items from this manufacturer. Check out their website for more information. Link to manufacturer:

Phoenix Redback Gen 2-2. Upgraded with exchangable aluminum sideplates - and the new and revolutionary mounting system for iron sigths and optics. Switch from irons to optics in less than a minute without losing zero. Tight tolerances keeps sightbases firmly in place. Requires only the removal of one screw to change sights.






See video here:

For easy dis- and reassembly:


For more info about the Evolution of the Redback:


Follow our team shooters "Team Phoenix" here:

Feel free to contact Team Phoenix for technical questions or advice re. traning and technique.

For holsters, rigs, parts and accessories not manufactured by Phoenix, we are coorperating with JB Shooting - a company that we highly recommend. 

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